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Are you tired of bringing traditional lunch bags to work? Well, here’s good news! You can have your lunch bag trendy and sustainable. Sustainable bags are affordable and are perfect for people who would love to work while staying healthy.


Why Bring Your Own Lunch?

  • It Saves Time

  • Every minute counts. If you do have a tight deadline or an urgent assignment that needs to be completed within the day, going downstairs to grab some food or snacks can be time-consuming. If you have your own lunch with you, you don’t have to spend time buying food, especially during busy working days.

  • It Saves Money

  • Eating lunch outside can be expensive because you’re paying not only for the food but for the service and food preparation too. Having packed lunch is a huge money saver, all while having nutritious and delicious foods within reach. 

    Packing lunch is not that hard to do anyway. With practice, you’ll eventually perfect this art of packing your own lunch in a bag. Whether you desire to bring your lunch in a simple briefcase or a trendy lunch bag, it’s definitely a great choice to consider sustainable lunch bags.

  • It Allows You to Eat Healthier

  • Packing your lunch gives you the liberty to choose what goes in your food. It will also be easier to include the right foods if you’re following a diet. You might be on a keto or vegan diet, and a nearby canteen at work may not be selling those foods. Having a packed lunch will ensure that you still keep your diet to achieve a healthy and fit body.

  • It Improves Focus and Productivity

  • There are also studies showing that bringing lunch to work can recharge your mind and help you gain focus. Nonetheless, it helps improve the level of productivity. This is because you do not need to worry about how and where you can get food to eat; all you need to do is concentrate on your job and eat your packed lunch during your break time.

    You’ll Love Trendy Lunch Bags and Totes

    You don't need to be uncomfortable or feel awkward when bringing your own food to work. In fact, it is a practical decision. And, you can make it more exciting by using trendy lunch bags and totes. 

    Nowadays, there are creative lunch bag designs that people can’t even tell that they contain your lunch or snacks. Kids love the lunch boxes that have the printed photo of their favourite cartoon characters. Even working professionals prefer to use trendy lunch totes, ranging from simple to glamorous designs. Isn’t it amazing that you can bring salads or sandwiches on a tote-style lunch bag that looks like a designer bag?

    A good quality lunch tote or bag can keep your food cool or warm. ru Supply lunch bags have a double water-resistant layer that makes them free from leaks. They are also easy to clean, making them free from moulds and bacteria.

    These types of lunch bags are environment-friendly and sustainable, too. Instead of using different containers and throwing them after, you can use these sustainable lunch bags several times.


    We all want to have a convenient way of living while protecting the environment. When it comes to simple acts like using sustainable materials, you can be a part of the mission to make this world a better place. You can start it by using sustainable items at home, like stylish lunch bags.


    Be inspired by our stylish, quality, and sustainable lunch bags. With your lunch bags, you can eat in style while being kind to the planet. Browse our products today!


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    Many employees rarely take a step away from their desks, thinking this strategy will help them accomplish more tasks, boost their productivity, and achieve good standing in the workplace. If you are one of those misinformed workers, keep in mind that changing yourself to your desk without taking adequate breaks from work can lead to overworking, chronic stress, and eventually burnout. 


    As your health and well-being suffer, the quality of your work plummets, too. This is why it’s crucial to take frequent breaks, especially lunch breaks. After a hearty meal, you will feel energized and refreshed for the rest of your workday. 


    Now, you may have packed your lunch before heading out to the office. But by the time lunch hour strikes and you're ready to chow down on your hearty meal, it might no longer be fresh and appealing. To ensure your lunch tastes and looks appetizing, you have to use the right lunch bag for work.


    What Is the Right Lunch Bag?


    While there is no one-size-fits-all lunch bag for everyone, there is one that works best for you and your needs. For example, if you want to look professional as you bring your packed lunch to work, you need something appealing. But generally, every right lunch bag has these characteristics:


  • Machine-washable

    Washing a lunch bag can be frustrating, especially if you have to scrub it to get rid of persistent stains and sticky residues. Avoid wasting several minutes cleaning your lunch bag and simply toss it in the washing machine by buying a machine-washable lunch bag. This easy-to-maintain option will bring convenience to your life and allow you to spend more time doing more meaningful tasks.


  • Spill-proof

    When heading to work, you may usually keep your lunch in your backpack, purse, or briefcase, where you also store essential business documents and other personal items. You cannot afford leaks, which is why you need to invest in a high-quality lunch bag with a water-resistant layer that will reliably keep in spills. 


  • Stylish 

    Many lunch bags look too flimsy and clunky, and carrying one doesn’t suit the professional image you are trying to go for in the workplace. Since your lunch bag not only holds your lunch but also serves as an extension of your personality, you want something functional, practical, yet fashionable. Fortunately, there are now stylish lunch bags for work that come in a wide variety of fun colours, patterns, and designs, so you can select one that matches your preferences. You can even choose one that suits your outfit for the day to create an eye-catching, cohesive look.


  • Eco-friendly and ethically made

    If you are pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, you can expect your search for eco-friendly and ethically made lunch bags can be difficult. The good news is that companies now focus on creating bags made from recycled materials, like plastic waste and water bottles. Using this kind of bag allows you to support the cause you care about and help protect the environment.




    The key to being excellent in the workplace is taking lunch breaks, while the secret to packing a hearty meal and enjoying your home-packed lunch at work is to use the right lunch bag. When shopping for one, consider the features listed above. Make sure to buy only from a reputable store like ours.


    If you are searching for sustainable lunch bags in Canada, shop at rü. Our lunch bags are double-lined, machine-washable, and made from over 90 percent water bottles and post-consumer waste plastics. They are also ethically designed and manufactured. Order now!


    Although the media depiction of a fancy career life entails endless lunch meetings and high-end office cafeterias, not everyone exists in the same reality. Most young professionals end up bringing their own lunches, reminiscent of their school days. Individually, this allows them to cut on costs and stay healthy, like each element of their lunches is made in the comfortable confines of their own.


    Unfortunately, it isn’t good practice for Mother Earth. For one, most lunch bags are created from less than ideal materials, and food is mostly packaged in plastic waste that can be thrown away right after use. Add the plastic utensils, these professionals add to the tonnes of waste produced by North Americans every single year.


    This very issue is what compelled rü to take action, which is a Vancouver-based company dedicated to designing and creating sustainable lunch bags for adults. They believe that packing a lunch can be empowering and impactful, not just for the planet but for individual health. 


    Investing In the Unique And Ethical 


    Rüs are lunch bags that exude both aesthetic and function, compelling employees to pack their lunch in more than just plastic bags. In an age of everything fast and easy, many opt to simply choose the easy way out—plastic packaging, so that they can be thrown away right after use. Most also find containers extremely inconvenient, specifically their bulk and inability to keep food intact.


    If you’ve experienced spaghetti sauce finding its way into your wallet, you probably already know the feeling. And that has also probably caused you to begin opting for single-use plastic, all in an attempt to keep your hands free from the worrisome containers. 


    The rü lunch bag, however, has been designed with convenience in mind. They’re also compact and spill-proof, along with the right amount of aesthetics to make your lunches even more pleasant. They’re made with a soft-shell material, outfitted with a roll top clip to accommodate various snacks and lunches of all sizes. 


    The rüs also double-layered, with a recycled and high-quality fabric sewn in—all ensuring that your food stays exactly where it is. The best part? You can easily clean them and tuck them away once more, as they’re made to fit into your work items without a hitch. 


    Note: It’s best to not submerge your lunch bag in water for long periods! You may end up seeing a leakage, but it’s guaranteed to help prevent lunch-related spills from ever occurring again.


    The Bottom Line


    All this talk about lunch bags may have brought out your memories from childhood, but fret not—the rü was specifically designed for young professionals but can be utilized by students still. It’s also the best lunch solution, especially if you run around all day trying to finish deadlines, but still want to make an impact on the planet’s health. The best part? You’ll look the coolest and most stylish doing it—nothing quite screams unique other than the Vancouver wonder rü.


    If you’re looking to invest in the best and sustainable lunch bags in Canada, we’ve got you covered. With our line of durable lunch bags, we guarantee you stylish and fulfilling lunches—for the rest of your days. Order yours today!

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