Eating Sustainably: 5 Reasons Why Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags Are Great for All Ages

Packing lunch is the ultimate sustainability hack.

For many of us, lunch boxes have a nostalgic connection to bygone days. Many folks are under the impression that packing lunch is just for kids. Silly! Packing lunch is for adults too!

Packing a lunch bag is about more than just food and snacks for lunch. It offers several timeless benefits that will positively affect you and our planet, whether you’re eating with your schoolmates or co-workers.

packing lunch is for adults too as shown by the iconic lunch atop a skyscraper pic

What are the benefits of packing lunch? 

1. Allows you to count your calories

When you buy lunch, 9 times out of 10 you're going to opt for the faster, more convenient option.

The risk of eating out at restaurants is that you’re unaware of the calories you’re gaining with every meal.

Although it can seem like a trivial issue for younger people, it’s vital for folks who need to watch their weight in their adult years once the ol' metabolism slows down. The days of slamming back 10 McDoubles and keeping that svelte physique do come to an end at some point.

Packing your own lunch allows you to prepare the right meal for your diet’s needs.

2. You know what you're eating

Another issue with takeaway lunches is that you can't be sure what you're actually eating.

What kind of pesticides were used? Are synthetic hormones involved?  What about fillers and additives?

A big reason the Government of Canada recommends prepping more food at home is you actually know what you're eating.

3. Your nourishing energy for the day

Fast food and lunch time restaurants offer tasty (albeit expensive) options. But there are some key nutritional benefits you can miss out on.

For example, you won’t always get to have all the necessary food groups necessary for proper nourishment. Children going through their formative years need to develop a strong sense of identifying the right diets at an early age. This is why packing your own lunch will be a lesson in dieting and proper nutrition.

Being more aware of what they eat will prevent them from being at risk of several illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. This also applies to adults who are more prone to these conditions with their more vulnerable immune systems.

4. Keeps you from being wasteful

Packing a lunch back enables you to cut two carrots with one knife.

  • Financial Waste: its not secret that buying lunch everyday is a massive expense. But it might surprise you just how expensive it is. If you pack lunch everyday instead of buying lunch, you can easily save more than $2,000 each year.
  • Food Waste: packing lunch ensures that you're in control of your portion sizes. Which drastically reduces how much food gets thrown out on a yearly basis.
Food waste is a massive sustainability issue. If you're interested in more simple tips to reduce your food waste, then you should definitely check out our guide to food waste reduction.

5. Improves mental performance

A quality, healthy lunch is proven to improve cognitive performance. When you pack lunch for work, you're doing yourself a massive favour because you're eating much higher quality food. Which translates to your work output.


Lots of people are under the impression that packing lunch is for kids. And honestly, who can blame them when lunch bags and boxes look like they're all made for toddlers.

At rü we know the myriad of benefits that come with packing lunch everyday. And we know that you should bring lunch to work not just because it improves your own wellbeing, but the planet's as well.

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