lunch bags for adults

imagine being excited to bring lunch to work... 

Buying lunch everyday is way too expensive. Not to mention wasteful. But you're not exactly thrilled about your current lunch box either.. 👎

It's too clunky, too flimsy, too awkward, too ugly. It won't keep in leaks and it's hard to clean.

You're an adult(ish). You deserve a stylish, functional lunch bag for adults that you want to be seen with.

Not just a lunch bag either—an extension of your unique personality. 😎

Something durable and machine washable. A lunch bag that will reliably keep in spills. Because you usually keep your lunch in your purse/brief case/backpack with all your precious stuff! You cannot afford leaks! 🙅‍♀️

stylish lunch bag for men and women

how does a lunch bag cut 2 carrots with 1 knife?

rü was born after two things happened.

First, my lunch leaked in my workbag one too many times. 🤦‍♂️

I was using a flimsy store tote and chilli leaked all over my bag (again!). My—and I'm not kidding here—precious documents were swimming in chilli!


This is a place of business! Not a chilli swimming pool! 🏊‍♂️

Second, Sam and I made an observation while backpacking in Fiji. 🏝

Vast beaches, covered in garbage. A lot of which looked like waste from takeaway meals.

We decided we wanted to be part of the solution to all this waste.

With rü we set out to create the perfect lunch bag for adults and cut two carrots with one knife. 🥕🥕

ethically sustainably made lunch bag for adults
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We built a better lunch bag so that you'll actually want to bring lunch to work. rüs are functional and practical to suit your lifestyle. 

It's the kind of lunch bag that says: "Hey! I'm professional with personality!"

Not only that, we want your lunch bag to serve as a little reminder of your commitment to sustainable decisions. A lunch bag isn't going to change the world. But little decisions, made by lots of people, will. 🌏

why pack lunch in a rü? 

ru lunch bag for women

in a world where the norm is to takeaway, dare to bring.

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