Why You Should Not Buy a rü Lunch Bag

Hey! Scott here. Co-founder of rü. I want to walk you through whether or not a rü is for you!

I may be biased, but rüs are among the best lunch bags out there in terms of function and convenience. If you’re on the hunt for a quality lunch box or lunch bag, then ours are a great option. 

That said, our lunch bags may not be for you. Here are 4 reasons:

  1. No insulation
  2. Too expensive
  3. Not a 'fit'
  4. You already have a lunch bag 

best lunch bags canada

Do you need a rü?

1. Not an Insulated Lunch Bag 

Insulation is potentially one of the most important features of a lunch bag—depending on your personal needs and resources. 

The right insulation will help ensure your meal remains cool until lunchtime.

Sidebar: Insulation won’t keep your food hot though. Plain and simple. Even the best insulated lunch box won’t keep food hot for more than an hour or two.

Insulation is key under certain circumstances:

  • If you tend to pack animal products (i.e. meat, dairy, eggs, poultry)
  • You don’t have access to a microwave 
  • You don’t have access to a fridge
  • You work outside
  • You work in a remote location

So if you're looking for 'the best insulated lunch box' then you're in the wrong place amigo.

rüs aren't insulated, but with a cold pack they can keep your lunch reasonably cool until lunch.

best lunch bags canada

No insulation? No problem.

2. The Price

It’s trü, our lunch bags are on the more expensive side. 

Well, maybe not that expensive. A standard Yeti lunch bag is $250 and this paper lunch bag is USD$290. 

best lunch bags canada

Is USD$290 too expensive for a lunch bag?

But they certainly cost more than a $20 lunch box off of Amazon.

Why do rüs cost what they do? 🤔

  • Sustainable materials. rüs are made using a high quality, REPREVE certified recycled polyester blend. Which basically means they are woven from garbage, BUT in such a way that the innate quality of the material is upheld. Plus also free of toxins like PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, bisphenol A (BPA), or dioxin. ♻️
  • Ethically made. All rüs are manufactured in Canada. Which means higher manufacturing costs. And we source materials using trusted distribution partners who vet suppliers. 🇨🇦
  • Priced for value. At this price, you’re not likely to lose your rü or take it for granted. It’s just expensive enough that you’ll want to use it for years and years. While other companies want you to use up and throw away their products quickly, we want you to hold onto ours for as long as possible before you need a replacement. This doesn't happen with $20 lunch bags.💚
  • Socially-driven and eco-conscious company. A portion of proceeds from every lunch bag we sell goes towards charity and sustainability. We donate 1% of profits to Mealshare, and we make frequent donations throughout the year as well. And we purchase carbon offsets to reduce the company’s impact on the environment from our operations and shipping.🌱

The price is what it is. Doesn’t mean you should pay for it.

Especially if it’s a stretch. A good rule of thumb is: if you can pay for something comfortably at full price twice, then you can afford it.

rü lunch bags are expensive

(gif via tenor)

3. Not a good 'fit' 

rüs are practical because they're spacious and also compact. They can fit 12L worth of lunch and snacktime goodness. But they aren't ideal for all containers.

rü lunch bags might not be a good fit for you for 2 reasons:

  1. The containers you use
  2. You need sectioned off areas 

If you use 1 or 2 large, flat containers—like a big salad container—then you should try a different lunch bag purveyor. These containers will fit, but only sideways (which isn't ideal). 

Our lunch bags don't offer the ability to section off foods. While you can overcome this by using different containers for specific food items, I understand that some people rely on their lunch box to partition their meal and snacks.

rü lunch bags don't fit everything

Some containers just don't fit in rüs

4. You already have a lunch box or lunch bag

If you have a perfectly good lunch bag or lunch box, then please don't buy a rü. 

Don't get me wrong, our lunch bags are awesome. And thousands of folks agree. But our mission is to reduce the amount of clutter and waste in the world. Not to create more.

 So if your current lunch box is treating you well, then use it until you can't anymore and then look us up. We'll be waiting.

 best lunch bags canada

"I waited until I wore my old lunch box down before buying this rü."

5. Conclusion

If you're in need of the perfect lunch box or lunch bag, rüs are a terrific option.

But they may not be right for you depending on whether you need insulation, you want a cheaper option, your containers are too big, or you already have a perfectly good lunch box or lunch bag.

~ Scott 

 best lunch bags canada

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